Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shiny Innards

step 1. Grab a beer

step 2. Start masking, drink beer

step 3. Continue masking, drink beer

step 4. Prep for paint. Feel weird from solvents, drink more beer

step 5. Huh? My ears are ringing...

Step 6. Now, while you've still got motor function, start priming....and have a beer

Step 7. Rust encapsulating underbody coating goes next, learn to embrace the nervous twitch the chemicals have given you. Use it to your advantage.

Step 8. Rest spray trigger finger. Seriously. ...'cause yer gonna need it for the firewall coming up next.

Step 9. Go back over all the spots you missed from step 4 thru 8.
Twice. Buy more beer.

Step 10. Prep chassis for sealing coat, drinking beer again....more acetone, more shakes, more hallucinations

Step 11. Admit that you have an OCD complex and there is no reason to go this overboard with chassis protection. Have another beer. Go pee.

Step 12. Steal the electric radiator heater from your marital bedroom to warm the chassis.

Step 13. Apply first coat of chassis black, channeling Van Gogh with your brushstrokes.

Step 14. Wait. Do it all again tomorrow.

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