Sunday, December 23, 2012


Started reassembly of the front suspension/ steering.

Installed line clips, steering box, built the control arm assemblies up and then put in the springs, shocks, bumpers, torque struts and spindles.

Got rugburn on my knees from all the crawling around. Its worth it.

Every threaded interface gets a judicious coating of nickel antiseize and each polyurethane surface gets a coat of silicone grease....every bolted interface gets torqued to factory specs.

eggnog and balljoints!

The balljoint press is a godsend.

soft jaws do come in handy

And they thread right back in....


new box located

haha! dangly parts

Fresh cadmium on the bushing flanges

antiseize the world!

fresh nickel on the torque strut caps

the upper bj dust boot was the biggest bitch to install...

and the uppers even torqued back up

censored by control

Next up.... steering links, stoppers and harnesses

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