Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue head ....Bowl job

Used KBS Moter Coater, gotta say, it sprays out nicely!

Theres just too much of a rough step in the factory castings.
...And since I have such a nice valve job done on the seats, I took some time to do a little bowl work.
Easy does it here, you just want a smooth transition and removal of any lip. And dont crash the sanding drum into the valve seat!

In my opinion, this isn't porting. This is just good, quality engine assembly practice to free up the power that should be there. The original designs showed a smooth transition I'm sure, the real world effect of mass production casting and manufacturing gives less than nominal results.
Porting adds more power that wasn't in the design of the cylinder head, and it is an artform, mastered only by a very few and completely fucked up by most everyone else.
I have fucked up my share of heads to know better than to attempt any serious porting. Airflow is nonlinear and does really goofy shit contrary to your "logical" thought. And you always take way more off than you should....  Plus its messy enough just cleaning up these bowls, much less profiling the pocket, short side transition and any chamber blending.
Its a van, man.

But I will take it down the strip, I gotta at least once!

hehehehe... bowl job.... If wasnt a gud spellar I wooda typt blowjob....

Chizzler Bloo

Detail shot of the bronze liners and necked guides for the viton seals

Before the bowl work

Number 2 in process

Number 5 done

Bowls blended!

Aye, shiny!

Fresh Tiller

Reconditioned the steering column. Bushing repair done on the gear selector collar, the roll pin holes were all wollered out.
FYI- the gear selector end is heat-treated to ridiculousness.  The first thought of just going to a larger roll pin was proved otherwise upon my attempt to drill the gear selector hole oversize. It smoked a 1/4" carbide endmill.

Looking for a non-cruise control turn signal stalk, if anyone has one....

And a crazy steering wheel. Octagonal wood perhaps....

Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Head

Nothing like it.

Surfaced nicely, new stainless valves

Bronze liners, necked guides to fit Viton seals

Consistent seat work. Amazing what a quality machine shop can do.

It just sucks as to how much you have to pay for it!

'nuff said, really.

Taped up and ready for the paint!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The fun valve

The fun valve, which is controlled via the naughty switch, allows the hides to be easily broken loose using the loud pedal.

I earned this one. The b-nut going into the p-valve was a bear.

But, I always win.

Adapters from Brakequip. Spacers are the inner races to harley tappets.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Torque Beast

Called an audible.
I remember back in high school my friend Big John had a pretty bitchin' 'cuda (fer like 10 minutes).
It had a Crower cam.
Went like fried apeshit, sounded good-

What the hell, why not give em a try.

grind 31917...And another cam handle to go with the three others in my cam installation drawer.
Crowers named this grind The Torque Beast.

We will see about that!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Pulled from the oil pickup....

Globs of RTV, chunks of gaskets
Some bits of foil, (no doubt from the bottle seals on brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze...)
a few shards of the cam bearing babbit that were getting chewed up by the cam, 

Black plastic bits, lots of em. Some are internally radiused, and look to have either internal threads or lands.
PCV valve elbow?.... but the plastic is too thick for it, I think.

Anybody care to take a guess?

Either way, its amazing the pump could even pickup oil, but when I had the engine running, the mechanical pressure gage read just fine.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Been taking the engine down.

Some surprises along the way, like how I think the engine may be a '75....

And the last dude who was in here didn't understand the concept of " a thin film" when it came to application of sealants.

But, its got standard mains, standard rods, no sign of oversize tappet bores and standard cylinders (at least the unworn portion was standard).

Plan is for a .010/.010 on the crank and .030 on the slugs. Rods will recon ok and there will still be a nice Schneider cam in place....

Speaking of cams..., the cam removed did not have any chamfer on the bearing oil passages. This then in turn caused a really "neat" spalling/ galling damage to the cam bearings from the radial loads on the shaft in service and I got to use the F word a couple times trying to unstick the motherf***er from its goddamn moorings. Im just sayin"....

Crank thrust was good at .005 and ran true within .001 on its old shells.

The costs are quite a bit more than I planned for, but I have come this far, might as well do it right, yeah?

this is where my optimism began to fade on not checking off almost every service a machine shop offers

yup, damn near every valve is at a different height.... fuk

its like a turkey waddle of RTV!

hell of a ridge in there, but it mic'd out that it should clean up at .030

So there was some hopes of reusing things like timing covers, the damper, the distributor, the fuel pump eccentric, the fuel pump...

No, thats not gonna happen....

Timing cover is way cracked

Damper elastomer is split and the inertia ring has spun 30 degrees

Distributor wiring is fubar and bushings as well

The f****n fuel pump eccentric is worn...and so is the fuel pump arm. Now riddle me this batman- how does an eccentric cost as much as goddamn fuel pump for these things???!?!?

Summit racing loves me right now...


aaand more junk