Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Lost a stud taken the heater box off the fender.
That just made the Ed that much lighter.
And since the twenty three pounds of mungy shit have been now cleaned from the frame horn, the weak spot shows just how weak it is.
Try not to nun your power steering against the stops on these vans too often....
Seems like there was a (ahem) half-assed attempt at fixing this some time ago.
This will take a bit more time to repair than the broken stud, but Im thinking of some reinforcement fish plates on the frame horn here maybe, too.
Sucks cause I wanna just get this thing in its new paint. That will hafta wait, I guess....

Apparently, the Schlitz helps wash the brakleen out of the mouth.
Who knew?
 This Krupnik never had a chance.

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