Thursday, December 6, 2012

shades of grey

More painting and detail work.
The devils in the details....
Dry film applied to all reused chassis/ engine hardware.

No matter where the new parts come from, I have never been happy with the final product- so it all gets a better coat of paint/ corrosion protection/ final machining, whatever.... case in point these new rotors and steering gearbox. The rotors would be brown by one humid summer day and the gearbox was painted, but put in the cardboard box while wet and had a complete stripe of fuzzy fibers stuck to one side of it.

I would advise to also run a 1/4-28 tap into any replacement suspension part with a Zerk hole. Don't fall for the "self tapping grease fitting"- there ain't never been one and there ain't never gonna be one made. The manufacturers just decided to save cost by skipping this step... ( and I think they are asses for doing that). 
Of the twelve replacement pieces I have purchased (from Napa, mind you)- only the idler arms came tapped for the Zerk. The ball joints, links and tie rods weren't tapped- the holes are drilled and that's it.

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