Thursday, January 19, 2017

Davenport Swaps n Races

Totally had a ball out in Iowa this past September. The weather was absolutely perfect. We loaded EVH up with the flattracker, a pitbike, all our gear for racing and sleeping, hooked up the trailer and dragged out the knucklehead too for good measure.
Still had plenty of room in that van, and it drove like it didnt even notice the added burden.
We had a great time, met a handful of very wonderful people.
I had the opportunity to finally race the legendary Dport Fairhrounds, in the ProTwins class no less, and it was AMAZING. I even got paid!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Black Lines Matter

Tires arent cheap, but this was fun

Gage cluster mids

Hello there, its been awhile.

Two mods went down some time ago was the installation of a parts house voltmeter in lieu of the factory ammeter and associated printed circuit modifications.
Closely related was a mod to the chassis wiring harness to place a modern, positive fit style 10 pin disconnect instead of the factory disconnect which is prone to ripping the pins out of the delicate PCB.

The voltmeter mod was pretty straightforward, just some simple reorientation of things after the guts were taken out of the voltmeter gage housing.

Dont forget to connect your ammeter leads back together with a good mechanical and electrical connection, and insulate that garbage!