Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sprangs and thangs

There are two ways to take shit apart-
A. Teardown
B. Disassemble

I disassemble. That means taking the appropriate measures for penetrating oil, planning ahead and extraction of parts using elegant techniques and correct tools. Disassembly also employs the advantage of the laws of physics and thermodynamics.

Teardowns usually involve an "aw, fuck it" attitude and a cold chisel.

Beer is involved in either, tho. Copious amounts.

The "Ick"

The back story on this van is that it was originally from the northern woods, and spent alot of its time on unpaved dirt and sand roads.
Combine that fine sediment along with a perpetual oil leak and you get an interesting concoction if ick.
Icky, greasy goop.
All over.
And lots of it.
Plus side, it kept the bare steel/ crappily painted stuff from rusting too much.
Down side, I am on can 12 of engine degreaser, have gone through several plastic scrapers and wire brushes and have a long way to go on the chassis yet.
Super plus side- my bro Mcmo is doing a bunch of the chassis cleaning.

One on the floor... One out the door

So, the CSM says take the front clip off, then remove the oil pan and the intake with the engine still in the chassis, and then get your hoist in real low like and pull the bitch out the front.
Im not into putting oil pans and intakes back on engines while installed in a chassis, thank you very much.
So, with the help of a couple bros- the tranny came off the engine as an assembly, then the engine came out as an assembly (sans rocker covers, carb and water pump).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Teardown, Phase 1

This will be a usable work in progress, so the steps will be such that it wont be out of commission any longer than winter/ spring each season.
Starting with the running gear and chassis this season.

 This pipe assembly is called out in the factory CSM. Its invaluable in supporting the lump after you get the trans removed from it.
Next up- getting the lump out- through the passenger door.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ed (Eddie) (Edward) - A '73 B100

This is Ed. 
Ed looks good from far, but deep down Ed was sick.
I am going to heal Ed, with the help of my wife and a few friends along the way.
I will be showing you the resurrection and restification of Ed on this blog over the next  decade or six.
As of today, I am a few months into this project, so there will be a flurry of pics added over the coming weeks.
Stay tuned.
Roll slow and sniff glue.