Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rings, Rods, Slugs, Shells, Goop, Slippery Nuts and a thing called Stretch

Ring package was filed just slightly more from factory, opened the #2 ring to 0.020" and the #1 ring was opened to 0.016"
There exists a strong possibility of the occasional shot of squeeze to be sent though this sucker!

Rings were loaded onto the piston/ rod assy's, with the oil endrails over the front pin, and the upper and lower scraper rings facing inboard and staggered at 2 and 4 oclock.

Compression rings will rotate about the piston groove during operation (due to the crosshatching and physics). I install them 180 degrees apart, and off the pin line.

Rods plastigaged out just fine at 0.0015"

Then the caps and saddles were lubed, the shells placed home and lubed, the rod bolt threads gooped with ARP threadlube, the rings and pin package bathed in 30w oil, compressed, threads protected and we got to sending a slug into a hole!

No less than seven different chemicals have been used thus far:
Assy Lube- Red
30w Oil
Locktite 268
RTV Ultra
ARP threadlube

Now the fun part!
Torque the nuts to 0.006 to 0.0065" stretch on the bolt...
(Yup, for those of you new to my world, when you apply torque to fastener, it grows.
Connecting rod bolts have one of the worst jobs a bolt can have, and proper installation of these little guys ensures a long lived engine which can keep dishing it out.... )

Now repeat this process seven more times.....

Rod side clearances checked right on at .004"
Drizzled a little more oil to the rod interfaces and got to checking friction drag again.
It is significantly more than the bare crank because of the ring tension plus the thickness of the assy lube film, but it is consistant all the way around.
Breakaway torque is obviously higher, but once it is turning, the drag was consistant all the way around....

 Bag it for the next step.

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