Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aw, really?!?!

So, the time was drawing nigh for the lower reciprocating machine work to be getting close to being done.
So's I called them.
And heard on the other end "there's a little thing with your block..." at which point I started to curl up the fetal position, and heard the fella say "crack yada yada, chipped the main yada yada...."

Knots. In the pit of my stomach. Lots of 'em.

"Its not that bad, the main bearing should cover it up...., why don'cha stop over today so's we can look it over."

And look I did. Its not as bad as my minds eye first conjured up but Im concerned. This is the main oil galley leaving directly from the pump output!

The chip was caused during the plug installation attempt. ( I had every intent on installing this plug myself because I was convinced that none of the plugs supplied in the "freeze plug kit" I purchased would be the correct plug for this. Well, apparently, one of the plugs from the "kit" was used here. The  block wall thickness is maybe 0.035" between the oil galley and the main journal here.
The plug is driven via hammer and (I hope they used one) brass/ bronze punch. Physics worked again.  Apparently, my eyes were right, and the plug is just a bit too... um... big.

So now, yeah, the main bearing shell will cover most of it, but it will still port oil around where it doesn't!

Looks like you all are going to witness me do a very custom thin wall tube repair. EDIT: I may not repair this after all. It should be OK with the bearing shell installed. I will still look into it.

And, that plug looks to me like it is not in the correct position, but I will look into that as well. EDIT: Plug is in the correct position.

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