Sunday, February 24, 2013

100 (degrees)

Upgraded the original cam thrust plate to a Mopar Performance thrust plate.

It has chain tension shoes on it.
It was a challenge to get it to work, but after my dumb ass realized the mounting holes were slotted, it worked like a charm.

Onward to degreeing the cam!

First, TDC was established for the 1 hole.

Then the cam was indicated off of another homemade dummy tappet and positioned to the correct tappet lift at the required crankshaft position.
In this case, 6 degrees ATDC @ .050 tappet lift on the intake lobe.
(You getting all this?)
Then the chain was strung. That was interesting. It was getting crowded in the build area, someone (who shall remain nameless) knocked the dial indicator off the block. And caught it with his boots.

 Then the intake is checked against max lift (.278" tappet lift) and then the intake closing event at .050" tappet travel in this case, 30 degrees ABDC.

The intake was perfect.

The exhaust side was then checked. An interesting thing- the exhaust was supposed to open at 43 degrees BBDC, but this one opened at 47 BBDC.
Closing event is spot on at 9 degrees BTDC.
Nothing I can do. Maybe its tolerance stack up from Crower. Either way, the exhaust event on this cam has four degrees more duration than advertised.
Exhaust max lift was spot on at .296 tappet lift.....

      I hope there's at least a hint of power in the exhaust note at idle.... we shall see.

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