Sunday, June 23, 2013

Addasuregriptome- Part 2

Blogs make all this work look either contrived or easy.
So, lets just say that in the month and one half plus yours truly has been radio silent on this here googlemachine, I have been hard at it.
I will present to you, dear reader, the systemic progress I have acheived as of late.
Yup. ARP ring bolts. Let the thrashing commence!

So first of; back to gear housing. I cleaned it up and had it stripped at the local blasting shop. Top notch work they did. I did however, make a masking plate that was sealed to the third member flange and took extra precautions sealing the axle flanges to keep the media out.
They had it stripped in four you probably guessed, I them proceeded to paint the sucker to make the housing look oh-so-nice. So I did the drums too. Surprisingly, they were still within service limit and could be reused. I think they are the only consumable part I did not replace on this build....and it took me a little longer than four hours to bring in into glory.

Somewhere along the way, I added a drainplug to the housing to aid in future servicing. Why the factory never put one in is beyond me. Mopar engineers must have smoked alot of weird drugs.... oh, the backing plates and leaf spring pads were powder coated.

Once all the shiny hoopla was had, then I got back to putting the thirdmember back together. A stop in at the little bearing shop down the street got me a nice american made set of new taper bearings and cups for the carrier. The pinion still felt great and the seal showed no sign of leakage, so I left well enough alone there. And since I was reusing the gears, no real reason to pull it out then.

I made a couple "kentucky-windage" tools....
Tube keeps the pinion from moving, the plate bolts to the chunk for a good vise bite and the spanner bar tightens the nuts for bearing preload.

Slapped a little jizzm on the gears, set the backlash and gave 'er a look-see....
No, my jizzm isnt orange. Or is it?

Runs nice, has a consistent drag torque. I'm calling that good!

So then I got to putting the thirdmember back to its respective housing. Now things were beginning to look exciting!

Addasuregriptome is a success!!!

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