Thursday, May 9, 2013

"AddaSureGriptome"- part 1

Alrighty folks. Been awhile since I posted to this here thing, but I have been a busy little beaver.

Last I remember, the exhaust was done and I was moving on to the last 1/3 of the chassis.
Well, the good news is the progress is under way to change the one legged rear into a bad-assed, side-swaggerin' burnout-able axle!

The bad news is that the shackle mounts are waaaay cracked and I have a bunch of structural repairs to do to make it better. But-it can be made better. I'm too deep into this project to fail now!

So, heres the foto dump of the rear axle coming out, coming apart and gettin put back together... New leaf springs, shackles, hardware, brake hardware, shoes, bearings, seals, yadayada.... Some paint here and there, and just a bunch of good times.....

No- I did not take the pinion or axle bearings apart. They are still serviceable, and leak free. Now that I have just typed that, I'm sure they will fail in service in a relatively short order....

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and keep rollin' slow and sniffin' gluuuuue.


Another gloopey mess


see the cracks?

Hows about here?

Had to cut the bolt head off and pull/ pound the bolt shank off from the right side front lug

somebody, at some point, got a hold of schoolbus yellow paint.

turn yer engine stand into an axle stand

nice backlash

uh, yeah, yer 450 dollar leaf springs? Yup, they need to be machined to fit.

had to ream the front eyes to 5/8". They were 9/16" from the manufacturer....

Suregrip extracted from a donor chunk

cone clutch

it goes where, now?

bristlediscs. another leap forward of mankind.

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