Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tech tip from Uncle Munz

Heres a little technique for you kiddies.
A while back I was putting in the linelock and got my ass kicked by a brake line B-nut for about a week. And again today the rear brake/ hose intersection was being a bit.

If you've ever been down this road, here's a little trick I thought of on my way to sleep one night. I'm claiming this one.

If the pipe starts to spin with the rotation of the B-nut, your days of a non-leaking brake line are numbered. Corrosion has set in and literally fuses the B-nut to the brake line and then the B-nut cannot spin independent of the line and all kinds of shit happens then.
Especially if you break the line which goes from the P-valve to the right front brake, 'cos in most old cars, that brake line goes in while the engine is not installed.
And brake line splices are terrible. ...Just not the safest and look like hell as well.

So- here you are, applying kroil and judicious heat and the damn line is still turning with the B-nut. Keep it up and soon enough you will have a cracked pipe (not a crack pipe)...

Well, breathe deep. Break the B-nut loose. Kroil that stubborn little bastard one more time and head to your tool box.
Open the plumbing drawer.
Get the flaring tool set out and obtain the pipe clamp.
Now hopefully, you have enough room to slip the pipe clamp over your troubled brake line. Clamp it as close to the B-nut as you can while still allowing room for your wrench to fit the B-nut.
Tighten the pipeclamp onto the brakeline.... and give the B-nut hell. The short distance will make the corrosion bonds break and the B-nut will spin independent.


I always win.

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