Saturday, March 23, 2013

the "K" is for Kook

So it all started with this crazy idea I had. I have a penchant for mandrel bent tubing - especially on street cars. A friend of mine in Atlanta (and also a member of the KLV) shares this passion.

There's this thing called an x-pipe. It's the new generation of equalizer pipe, been around for about 15 years now. I've always wanted to use one and figured this project would be the perfect time to do so. But, there's a wrinkle. This thing has side pipes and they are fender well style, so it has 4 individual inlets per side pipe. X-pipes are usually meant for rear axle/bumper exit systems. So I've been thinking about this system in my head since the first time I stuck my head underneath this project and I've been building it mentally.

Today I coerced my mind's eye through my hands and made what I think is some of the kookiest exhaust I've ever done...and I've done some kooky shit.

                                         Its a 4 into 1 into 2 into 4 into 1. Per side.

The x-pipe mounts to the tailstock of the trans. I slotted the holes of the x-pipe carrier and used shoulder bolts that will allow the exhaust to grow under temp and the plate will then be allowed to slip.

Since the x-pipe is connected to the tranny, there needs to be some give in the exhaust somewhere. I found these stainless flex pipes to be just the ticket.

Hope you dig it as much as I do.

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