Thursday, March 21, 2013

Deeper down the rabbit hole

Were getting closer over here at the KLV to hearing this mad mopar bark to life!

Got a bunch of little punch list items to check off, but have made big strides in the last couple weeks on getting big items dialed in.

Stay tuned for the exhaust, its gonna be kooooooky.

Last you saw, there was just a bunch of ugly in the interior that was painted black....
well, steps have been taken to replace such ugly with some not-so-ugly.

Got tunes in. Naughty valve is wired up. Tacky is placed and wired up (yup, its got a shift lite!)
Linkages are 95% done.
Cooling system full.
Power steering bled and ready.

needs exhaust fabbed, tranny hoses routed and fuel lines finished and then... vVA- VOOM.

Still a long mf'in way to go before it sees the street tho.

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