Thursday, October 29, 2015

Win Light!

Had a blast down at the nations oldest continuously operating dragstrip a few weeks ago. My friend went down there to spank some Italian super-cars with his Chevelle, and I rolled down to take a look-see. As it turned out, I wound up in the staging lanes- taking some solo runs in EVH.

First run was a mess, we will just skip right over that one.

Second run wasn't much better than the first run, and EVH wouldn't shift outta first for some reason...

Third run and still some funky monkey-business with the shift points when the loud pedal was held firm to the floor. It was markedly improved but still miserable...

Fourth run I decided to let up a tad at the 1-2 climb out, second gear was finally had and I got the ol' slob into the 17's.

I then parked it; I was content. With the rig loaded with everything for race day sans a folding chair, pop-up shelter and the race bike- I was hoping that it would do 18's. It put out a mid-17 number- so I had met my mental target of just knowing it wasn't an embarrassingly slow big, heavy box- just a mostly slow big, heavy box....

Went and watched some great heads-up Real Street Drags, met some great people, had some great convo with these like-minded folks, saw, smelled and felt some amazing machines put down some serious go....
Enjoyed watching the Chevelle just eatup a really, really expensive brand new Lambo.
And then, while in the pits- we hear an announcement come over: "if the dude in that white 70's van has the cojones, you are being called-out. There is a Ford Ranger here that thinks he has what it takes to beat you..."

I had no other choice.  I took the cooler and toolbox out to save some weight.

What a ball. Thanks to whomever that Ranger driver was for wanting to race... that was fun!

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