Monday, September 30, 2013

Some random projects in the hopper

 First off, the ammeter. Dodges have a weak link. Seems all the juice to and from the battery goes thru the factory ammeter. Over time, with multiple dash removals and what not, one can cause more misery than its worth by having the ammeter wiring go up in smoke.
so, reading around, some fellows have taken to sticking el-cheapo voltmeters in place of the ammeter.
So thats what I did here.
Basically, splice the ammeter wires together eliminating the hot-spot and just tap off a convenient voltage source to get a more reliable reading.
Just tap into a keyed source so you dont eventually drain the battery down.
If I was motivated I would supply the meter PN and whatnot.
but I am not.
In fact, I am so unmotivated, that the instrument is still uninstalled. Just sitting on my workbench... like so much other crap....

Then theres this.
I have loved these visors for a long time. Had a craigslist moment. you know the type, where you just randomly think of something you could use and go to your local CL and search for what youre looking for?
this was one of those moments.
Hunnert bucks, delivered.
No cracks n' the lites work.

Go me.

So, speaking of CL, I have a bloodhound for an oldman. I mention to him to keep his ears open for any parts vans so that I can maybe get a set of doors of it.
Well, lo and behold, here is this 77 LWB roller and it was like 12 blocks from my shop. No engine or trans, but full of parts inside.
But only had two wheels, so with a little ingenuity, it became a roller.
price was fair for what it was.
And it had SOLID sheet metal. So solid, that I probably should heve resto'ed this one instead of Eddie!
But, that ship has long since sailed.
So I tried to not cut it up, just take a little here and there.
And I realized, I have been lucky with my pops' finding me this thing. I would be foolish to send it off to the scrap yard with anything I may need still attached.

so this is how it left last week:

The only things left were pretty integral to it making it down the road. Roofs are common from 71-93 I have been told, so that metal shouldn't be too hard to find.

I tried to get my moneys worth....

So now, as fall sets in, I have a small to-do list of fixing a little seep in the engine, and to begin interior cabinetry and console and maybe get the sound system and lighting up to par.

stay tuned, the three of you who actually look at this thing....

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